Our School

“My company paid for me and three co-workers to take two weeks to study Business Finance, English and Leadership Development with American Ivy.  My English was not too bad before, but American Ivy helped me to develop my conversation and negotiation skills.  We plan on returning next year.”


“I needed to prepare for my TOEFL exam, but I also wanted to have a vacation.  I spent a month in the summer with American Ivy.  We worked very hard on my TOEFL, and I received a very high score.  At the same time, I could visit New York City, Boston and several schools such as Columbia, Harvard, and Yale. I worked very hard, got a great TOEFL score and had a great time.  Thanks, American Ivy!”

“I have studied English for years both in my country’s schools and online.  However, I learned the most during my short stay with American Ivy.  They understand that learning English is about more than just sitting in a class.  In addition to English classes, we went to the basketball camp, museum camp, and art camp.  These camps were for native English speakers, and not just for us foreign kids.  I made a lot of American friends who I still talk with now.  The class was good, but my English really improved when I was playing with my new American friends.”

Online Learning

“I work for a very large bank and speak a lot with other bankers around the world.  American Ivy Online really helped my negotiation skills.  My boss promoted me two times this year!” – Abdul R.


“My family and my job keep me very busy. Studying online with American Ivy was the best thing I could do to improve my English. I could arrange classes around my schedule. Now when my company needs to negotiate a contract in English, I am the one who is called.” – Omar A.

“My husband and I believe that education is the most important thing we can give our children. We both studied English with American Ivy Online so that we could help our children with their studies. They are doing very well in class, and my husband, and I are speaking English. The children don’t even have the opportunity to correct us as much as they used to.” Lee S.

“I will be a visiting scholar at Yale University this Year.  American Ivy Online really prepared me to be confident and ready for my adventure.” – Xiao Liu



“I didn’t have much time, but I wanted to visit several universities while I was in the U.S.  American Ivy brought me to see 7 universities in just 7 days.  I met with the admissions officers, students, and also toured the campus.  I now know which school I want to attend!  Thank you, American Ivy,!”


“My family and I stayed at an American Ivy Luxury Home for two weeks during the summer.  Our children attended basketball camp, art camp, and science camp.  While our children were busy, my wife and our friends sat on the beach in front of our house, went shopping, saw concerts, played golf and even went to the casino!  Our children studied English and had a great time while we were having fun!  It was the best vacation we ever had!”

I am a teacher, and I needed to plan a class trip to the U.S.  American Ivy made sure that our schedule was very full and that we saw as much as we could.  They were extremely organized and took very good care of the kids.  They picked us up at the airport and brought us to where we were staying.  Half of the group stayed with American families and the other half preferred a private luxury home.  Each morning we had an English class to prepare us for the day ahead so that we could learn and use new vocabulary.  We visited New York City, Boston, Yale University and Harvard.  The kids attended basketball, science and art camp.  They made many American friends and greatly improved their English.  We were all so exhausted and happy at the end of the trip that we slept for almost all of the 18-hour flight back home.  Thanks for a great tour American Ivy!”

Sample Program

Below is an example of one of our programs that can be booked for either the winter or summer school vacation breaks.  The program activities are suggested and can be adjusted to meet the needs of the tour group.

14 – 21 Day Yale New Haven Winter/Summer Break Itinerary

Students stay in a luxury hotel in the center of New Haven, Connecticut, across the street from the Yale New Haven campus and in the heart of the Yale community.  They will be walking distance from Yale events, theaters, museums, restaurants and cafés.  This is perfect for students who want to get the full Yale experience before they apply.  Alternatively, students have the option to reside with a Certified American Ivy Home Stay Family while they participate in the program

Sheltered English Instruction – Each morning will begin at the hotel with breakfast and a short English lesson.   We will review the previous day’s language events and prepare for the upcoming day’s activities with English and U.S. culture lessons

Meet the Mayor of New Haven Connecticut and other popular New England cities – New Haven Connecticut, is one of the oldest and most innovative cities in the U.S.  Mayor Toni Harp would like to personally welcome you to the city.

Yale University Campus Tour – You will break up into small groups and take a tour with Yale students.  The university was founded in 1701 and has many beautiful buildings, courtyards and interesting places to study and learn.  Your Yale student guide will give you an insider’s view of the school.

Yale Cultural Events – Depending on the week that students arrive, there is a full schedule of theater, lectures and museum tours available on the Yale campus.  As arrival and departure dates are decided, we can make reservations for these events.

Basketball Camp (3 – 5 days) – Students will attend camp with American kids who also want to improve their skills.  This camp offers total immersion into the American basketball culture.  The camp is designed to teach the value of teamwork, nutrition and goal creation through athletics.  Our city’s basketball program is designed for both the athletic superstar and for those students who want to try the sport for the first time. If your student is not athletic but would like to play anyway, we will provide him or her with a top coach to help build their confidence and sharpen their skills.

Art Camp (3 – 5 days) – Students will join other American children to tour the city’s art galleries and studios.  Then they will attend classes with some of the city’s best artists to create their own art.  Artists will guide students in painting, sculpture and mixed media.  During the camp, students will be matched up with an American Buddy.  An American Buddy is an American student who is about the same age, who will help to welcome and guide your child through the class.

University Day and Week Tours – Tour some of the most prestigious universities in the United States while staying in University dorms and participating in activities on campus to get the full college experience.

  • Ivy League College Tours – Yale University, Harvard University, Dartmouth College, Brown University, Columbia, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University.
  • Tour other well-respected and highly ranked universities including Wesleyan University, University of Connecticut, Fairfield University, Sacred Heart University and other regional schools.Because many of these schools are located close to each other, we can arrange tours to visit several schools in a single day.

Museum Camp (3 – 5 days) – Museum workshops are designed to give the student experience utilizing basic fundamental scientific principles while they build, engineer and learn.  There are projects to create solar powered cars, catapults, weather stations, musical instruments and many other things that teach the power of natural science.

New York City Tour – (1 – 3 days) This is a full day of visiting New York City’s most famous attractions including Broadway, the Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, SoHo, Statue of Liberty, movie filming locations and more.  We can also include a trip to Brooklyn for shopping and sightseeing.

Farewell Banquet – We will host a banquet to exchange contact information and connect on social media with all of the people that you met on your tour, including your teammates at basketball camp, your American Buddies from Art Camp and anyone else who worked to welcome you to the United States.

Other tour options include visiting international corporations located in the area, the Coast Guard Academy, the Naval Submarine Base in New London, and other military attractions.  The availability of these tours depends on the schedules of the organizations.

American Ivy provides chaperones for all of its programs.  Activities can be planned for the guardians and parents for those times when children are attending camps, workshops, and tours.  These can include museum tours, real estate tours, shopping and casino trips, restaurant and food tours, wine and vineyard tours and other activities that cater to the interests of the parents and guardians.  Availability for all of the above tour options are dependent on the actual arrival and departure dates.

Home Stay

“My daughter wanted a true American experience while she attended school.  American Ivy placed her with a wonderful family that treats my daughter as if she is their own.  She goes to a local school, participates in local sports and loves the family she lives with.  They are a traditional family that have dinner together every night and take regular weekend trips around the U.S.  American Ivy makes sure my daughter is safe and happy. Her English and her grades are also better than they have ever been.”


“I wanted to study in the U.S., but I didn’t want to go to a boarding school.  Instead, I chose to live in an American Ivy Gold Home.  I am now attending a local American high school and participating in sports and community service projects.  I’ve even started a rock band!  I live with 8 other students from Dubai, Brazil, China, and Italy!  My house parents make me feel safe and supported.  Also, the food is great!”

“Our son is planning on attending a University in the United States in 2 years.  He has never lived abroad on his own, so I wanted to give him the experience before he started his studies.  American Ivy’s Elite Home Program provided a very good home in New York City.  He lives with 6 other students from Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.  The home is run by 2 American Ivy house parents who make sure that my son and his housemates are enjoying their stay in New York but that they are safe and focused on their studies.”