American Ivy Home Stay Programs

Safe and Secure – Complete Cultural Immersion – First Class Education


American Ivy Families

This program carefully chooses American families to host your child in their home.  Your child lives with the family and attends a local school while experiencing American Culture.

  • Families carefully selected and certified
  • Live with an American family interested in your culture
  • Live the life of an American student
  • Travel and sight-see with your U.S. family
American Ivy Gold Home Program

This is a special program for students who are ready to live away but need the support, structure and security of a home.  Our Gold Home Program provides two house parents to care for the students and a housemother to cook, clean and maintain the residence.  Students attend a local high school or University while they receive extra academic support, sports coaching and full cultural immersion.

  • Your child lives with 8 to 10 students from the Middle East, Latin America, Europe and Asia
  • Students form lifelong global friendships with their housemates
  • American Ivy House Parents work closely with the school to ensure that your student is receiving the best education possible.
  • Students design their academic resumes by developing leadership skills through community service and participating in arts and culture activities to produce well-rounded, worldly scholars.
Elite Home Program

American Ivy’s Elite program is limited to 8 students per year.  The Elite program is only for the most qualified and serious students.  There is presently a waiting list for entrance to this program.  For more information on the Elite package, please contact us directly.